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Old wooden beam affected by woodworm

Woodworm control services

Small round exit holes, bore dust, dead beetles - as soon as you see the telltale signs, contact our specialists in Scarborough for a quote on woodworm control services. Call East Coast Pest Control today.

little woodworm lies on tree
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Woodworms are not a type of worm at all, they are actually beetle larvae. They chew their way through wood and cause significant damage, so it’s important to act quickly before they can cause significant structural damage.


At East Coast Pest Control, we’ve been dealing with woodworm and other insects for more than 20 years. We can send someone out to assess the extent of the issue, before we suggest your best course of action.

Woodworm can cause significant structural damage

Worm holes make pattern and texture in beach logs

Insurance backed guarantees

Woodworm in a property can be such a serious issue that mortgage lenders will almost always want to know that any treatment is guaranteed. At East Coast Pest Control, we offer 10-year guarantee as standard, but also offer a 30-year insurance-backed guarantees for our British Wood Preserving and Damp-Proofing Association (BWPDA) approved woodworm treatments at an additional cost. Get in touch today for further information.

Getting rid of woodworm

The first step is a survey. It lets us see exactly what we’re dealing with and makes sure we don’t miss anything. We can then start to treat your domestic or commercial property using specialist insecticides. Woodworm treatments have evolved and improved a great deal over the decades, and the insecticides we use now are more effective, very low-odour, and don’t require you to vacate the premises due to toxic fumes.

Worried about woodworm? Speak to East Coast Pest Control

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little woodworm lies on tree
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