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Mole control services

Don’t let them dig up your garden and damage your plants. Speak to our team in Scarborough about our mole control services. Call East Coast Pest Control now.

European Mole
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Although moles won’t eat your plants, their tunnels can damage root systems, causing them to die off. If you don’t want moles ruining your garden, contact East Coast Pest Control. Based in Scarborough, we look after all the surrounding towns and villages, making sure moles don’t spoil the look of your lawn.


Just give us a call for a free quote and we’ll be able to discuss your available options.

Getting moles out of your garden

Mole holes

We can also take care of other pests including:







Don't make mountains out of mole hills

If you’ve spent money landscaping your garden, the last thing you want is mole hills all over your new lawn. Our experienced pest controllers will take care of everything, including trapping and disposal leaving you free to get back out in your garden. Don’t try to deal with it yourself, speak to East Coast Pest Control and make sure that it’s dealt with properly.

Our team in Scarborough can move any moles on

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Mole poking it's head out of a mole hole
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