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Agricultural pest control services

Our agricultural pest control services can stop rodents, insects and birds from spoiling your stock and causing issues with your livestock. We comply with all industry audits ensuring that these go as smooth as possible for such as Red Tractor. Call East Coast Pest Control in Scarborough to find out more.

Wild wood mouse sitting on the forest floor
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If rats, mice, moles, rabbits, or any other vermin are causing problems for your business, let the team at East Coast Pest Control take care of it. We’ll attend your site to carry out an assessment, and look at any underlying issues that may have led to or encouraged the situation.


Our team in Scarborough can deal with the immediate problem and ensure you have the information you need to avoid it coming back. Make sure the problem is dealt with properly. Get in touch today.

Dealing with vermin

Close up of a wild Brown Rat

Our pest management can take care of:

Rodent control

Insect control

Bird control


Seasonal pest control

Regular pest control inspections

Legal compliance

Managing insects

Insects can cause a number of issues, worrying livestock, getting into stored goods and spoiling stock. Whatever insect problems you’ve uncovered on your property, our team can take care of it. We can deal with any issues before they become infestations, acting quickly to stop your profit margins and your reputation from being affected. Once we’ve completed work on your farm, we can provide the paperwork and audit trail to show you’re meeting your legal obligations, as well as the best practice standards set for schemes such as Red Tractor, BRC, and so on.

Ask us about our agricultural pest control services

Call the team at East Coast for a quote on

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