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Bird control services

Our Bird control service is possibly the best in the area, with combined experience of over 35 years, there isn’t a situation we haven’t come across. With a huge range of different proofing measures, we can find a suitable solution for all. We are also the only approved contractor for North Yorkshire Council Gull Proofing Scheme in Scarborough, Whitby and Filey, where the Council will pay half (up to 50%) of the gull proofing costs up to £2,000.00.

Managing bird problems

Noise and nests can be a problem, however one of the biggest issues with birds is their droppings. They can damage paintwork, solar panels and even stonework, as well as attracting insects and other pests. Pigeon waste is actually classed as toxic and cause serious respiratory issues. Although all birds are protected under the Countryside and Wildlife Act (1981), there are some exceptions to the law.


Our team in Scarborough regularly deal with feral pigeons, herring gulls, kittiwakes and starlings. Give us a call to arrange a site visit and we can discuss the best bird control measures for you and your property.

Low Angle View Of Pigeons Perching On Roof
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Two Seagulls on shed roof - Beach Aldeburgh Suffolk England

Our bird control measures include:

Bird netting

Bird spikes

Bird wire

Bird control brush

Other bird deterrent measures

Avishock System


Smart Bird Alert System

Bird proofing and human

Aggressive or territorial birds can be bad for business, which is why it’s important to make sure that they can’t nest nearby. We know that every site is different, which is why we prefer to send someone out for a site survey, who can make recommendations for the most effective solution. Don’t wait until you start getting complaints, give us a call now. You can also find useful information on the Scarborough Borough Council website regarding their gull proofing scheme.

A better way to get rid of birds - East Coast Pest Control

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