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Bird control measures

Are birds causing a problem – and a mess! – at your home or business premises? East Coast Pest Control Ltd in Scarborough can help you to deter birds from your property, solving the problem effectively. Call us today.

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Legal bird control


All birds are protected under the Countryside and Wildlife Act (1981), however there are some exceptions to the law. If handled correctly and under the legal general licence rules as set out by Natural England, we can often remove or exclude pest birds from your premises. Take a look at the Scarborough Borough Council website for useful advice and information regarding their gull proofing scheme.


There are a number of bird species that regularly cause problems for people, most commonly feral pigeons and herring gulls, with kittiwakes and starlings also causing problems for many of our clients. We understand the various complex issues and legalities surrounding individual bird species and will offer solutions for them all. Our bird control expertise is regularly called upon by other pest control companies as they try to find solutions for their clients – bird control is a specialised field within the industry, and we are experts. We are happy to complete site surveys to ensure that the correct methods are used in bird control.

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The right measures


We have access to an extensive range of bird control measures that allow us to find the right solution for every client. Our range of bird deterrents includes:

  • Bird netting

  • Bird spikes

  • Bird wire

  • Bird control brush

  • Other bird deterrent measures

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Managing the problem


Three pigeons on a roof
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Problems caused by birds

There are many potential issues that birds can cause – did you know that pigeon waste is toxic, and can cause respiratory problems in a similar way to asbestos? Cleaning up after a bird infestation takes expertise that we have. Some species of bird can also be aggressively territorial, or confident enough to steal food from people in the street. Ensuring you have the right bird control measures in place can help to prevent this from becoming a major problem for you.

Finding the right solution

Every property, client, and nesting site is different. That means there is no universal approach that will be appropriate for every bird control requirement – each job requires a tailored approach. We will undertake a site survey, make our recommendations for the most effective solution, then implement it when you authorise us to proceed. This means that you’ll get the right bird control solution every time when you consult our experienced team of bird control specialists.

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Pigeons perched on a roof

Get in touch

For more information about our bird control services, get in touch with the team at East Coast Pest Control Ltd in Scarborough today. We’ll be happy to help.

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