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Did you know that Pigeon fouling (guano) is toxic and dangerous waste that can cause respiratory problems similar to asbestos?  This waste is highly dangerous and must be removed by experts with the correct equipment to deal with it.

Bird Control

There are several bird species that are cause for concern when in close proximity to man, the main ones being Feral Pigeons and Herring Gulls, however increasingly Kittiwakes are causing problems on buildings in coastal towns, other birds such as Starlings can also come into conflict with us.


All Birds are protected under the countryside and Wildlife Act 1981, however there are some exceptions under licensed law and if used correctly and under the legal general license rules as set out by Natural England we can often remove or exclude these pest birds from your premises.  We understand the various complex issues and legalities surrounding the individual bird species and will offer solutions for each and every one of them. It is fair to say that our Bird Control expertise is called upon from all over the country and we are often asked by other pest control companies to find solutions for them and their clients as this is a specialised field within the industry. we are happy to complete site surveys to ensure that the correct methods are used in bird control.

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