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Rodent control services

Rodents can cause major problems in your property if they aren’t dealt with properly. As soon as you spot the signs, speak to East Coast Pest Control in Scarborough. Call for a free quote on our rodent control services.

rat in kitchen,focus on a head
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They breed quickly, they spread disease and chew anything and everything. It doesn’t take long for a rodent problem to get out of hand, however East Coast Pest Control can help. We can deal with any rodent infestation quickly, and identify entry points to prevent the problem from happening again.


We take care of clients across Scarborough and the surrounding areas, getting rid of rats, mice, squirrels and moles.

Getting rid of

Brown rats

We can take care of any type of insect infestation:





Don't risk your health or reputation

All it takes is for someone to see rats or vermin at your property for neighbours to start complaining or for customers to stop visiting. We’ve been in this business for more than 20 years, so we know just how important it is to act fast without making the issue too obvious. Our pest controllers have worked with everyone from hotels, shops and restaurants, to industrial clients and homeowners. Talk to us today.

Remove rodents quickly. Call East Coast Pest Control

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Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, captive, August 2009
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