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Insect control services

As soon as you spot the signs of an insect problem, call East Coast Pest Control. Our insect control services have been helping clients across Scarborough and the surrounding areas to avoid infestations for more than 20 years.

Protect your business from
insect infestations

Bugs are bad for business. Beetles, bed bugs and fleas can damage stock, ruin your reputation and lead to a dramatic loss of income. Whatever kind of insect problem your company is facing, East Coast Pest Control can investigate the root cause, any underlying issues and sort out the situation. Our team can organise a fumigation of stored products in ships, containers, stacks and silos, to save your stock and save you money.


We carry out work in hospitals, farms, football stadiums, food production sites, cafes, and everything in-between across Scarborough and the surrounding areas. Get in touch and we will send someone out for a free consultation.

Wasp's nest below asbestos roof
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macro shot of a varied carpet beetle on a white daisy

We can take care of:


Fleas and bedbugs

Weevils and psocids

Firebrats and silverfish



Grain beetles, biscuit beetles, flour beetles, and larder beetles

Helping you about the home

With the recent rise in bedbugs making headlines, the last thing anyone wants is bugs and biting insects in their own home. With more than 20 years’ experience, we can eliminate the issue before any insects start to breed and spread. We know that no one wants to advertise they have pest controllers in, which is why our team will take care of any critters quickly and discreetly. As soon as you spot the signs, give us a call and we’ll send someone out.

Avoid an infestation. Speak to East Coast Pest Control

Contact East Coast Pest Control in Scarborough

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ants indoor on the wooden floor
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