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Why are wasps so angry all of a sudden?

Wasps get a bad press don’t they?

This time of year in particular, they do themselves no favours. Round about now they are at their most annoying. There’s less food around in the nest now and so worker wasps are craving sugar and making a ‘bee-line’ for your sweet-smelling picnic!

Wasps are almost always dismissed as pure pests – a poor relation somehow, to the busy bee, who we respect for collecting pollen to make honey.

The humble wasp does have a purpose however and a role to play in the food-chain – helping to keep the number of aphids or whitefly in check, for example.

But that aside, they can be a real nuisance, particularly during late summer when the numbers are at their biggest and there’s a lot of them around. A sting from a wasp really hurts and in some rare cases, can trigger a life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

So a wasps’ nest in your garden or roof space is no joke, especially when the wasps are hungry. They can be aggressive, particularly if you go too near to their nest for their liking.

Danger signs that a nest is close by are pretty obvious – there’ll be a lot of wasps around. But we also have to look out for the occasional wasp disappearing into a hole in the side of your house. That could mean there’s a wasp in your loft!

We’ve been dealing successfully with wasps’ nests now for many years and are expecting a busy six weeks or so with calls.

Needless to say, all our service staff are properly trained to handle your wasp issues correctly and with the minimum of fuss, so just give us a call.


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